Where are you located?

I have a home studio, located just south of Pittsburgh. Consultations take place at a local coffee shop near the studio.

What are your prices?

Weddings range from $3,000 -$7,000. Most couples tend to spend $5,000, but we often create weddings larger than $8,000. All designs are custom made for your big day. Just fill out our wedding form and we look forward to discussing your vision for a perfect wedding day.

How do I get started?

Visit our contact page and fill out the contact information. Shortly after receiving your completed form, Holly Hanna Floral will contact you to set up a consultation to further the planning process.

What happens next?

We will meet for a one-on-one consultation at a local coffee shop near our studio. We will discuss all of your thoughts & visions for your wedding. After our meeting you will receive, within one to two business days, a summary of the items we discussed along a few inspiration photos.

After you have reviewed the summary & are ready to move forward booking your date, a retainer of 30% of the estimated total is required.

Once you have become a Holly Hanna Floral client, we will then create a customized inspiration presentation. This includes a personalized color pallet, inspirational photos, detailed descriptions, & individual pricing to allow you to envision exactly how Holly Hanna Floral will create your perfect wedding design.

Can we make changes to our proposal after our retainer has been paid?

We understand that during the planning process there may be changes along the way. We encourage you to reach out and let us know how we can assist you in making any adjustments.

A decrease in original total estimate may not exceed 20%.